THE NEW ALBUM – To Love Is To Prey

“To Love Is To Prey” is FINALLY available to everyone on the web.

After many years of trials and errors…we finally finished this album.
(our first release was in 2006)
For those of you still out there…this will pull you deep into the more macabre side of love.

As Ingmar Bergman so eloquently decreed…”Love is the blackest of all plagues.”

morgue city declares “To Love Is To Prey.”

You can buy the new album on iTunes at:

Also available on CDbaby:

8 songs of noiz and a new E.P. is here…

8 out of 13 songs for the new morgue city album are mixed!

5 more to go!

4 song promo CD “Another Dark Passenger” is available…


drum noiz…

All of the drum tracks for the new morgue city album were officially finished on Saturday Oct. 13th. Now for all of the rest of the noiz…

studio update

FINALLY making some headway with the new system. Just waiting for the new furniture to show up!

new album

morgue city is finally getting back to work on the second album. A studio move and lots of gear updates have made things change into something really interesting. More info soon!